Charleston Supported Art’s exciting model of art sponsorship and distribution supports artists in the creation of new work. The program aims to foster new relationships between collectors and artists with the potential for future art purchases.
Purchasing a share in one of Charleston Supported Art’s three seasons is a great investment for both the novice and seasoned collector. Each 2015 share, priced at $425 + tax, contains four original pieces of art by established and emerging Charleston area artists that showcase a variety of styles and media.

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  • A total of 12 visual artists (4 per season) are selected through a juried process and receive a stipend of $1,500 to create 32 pieces of fine art or fine craft, such as paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, textile, jewelry, and more.
  • Only 96 shares (32 per season) are available for purchase at $425 + tax each. Purchases can be made online or at public Meet & Greet and pick-up events where potential shareholders can get to know the selected artists and their work.
  • Shares are delivered through exclusive pick-up events for each season. The pick-up events offer shareholders the opportunity to mingle with the artists and fellow art enthusiasts, and pick up four pieces of art to add to their collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a shareholder?
A: Purchasing a share in one of Charleston Supported Art’s three seasons is a great investment for both the novice and seasoned collector. Each share contains four original works of art created by established and emerging Charleston area artists – a solid foundation for a new collection and a notable addition to any existing collection. As a shareholder, you will be invited to an exclusive pick-up event for your season, where you will meet the artists, socialize with other collectors, and receive your share package. Becoming a shareholder is a sustainable way to support your local art community.

Q: When are shares available and how do I become a shareholder?
A: Three Spring 2014 remain and are available for purchase through our online store. Seasonal share for 2015 will go on sale in late January 2015. Learn more about each season’s offerings and make share purchases by contacting us at [email protected].

Q: How many shares are available?
A: There are a total of 96 shares available - 32 shares per season. There are 3 seasons – Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Q: Can I purchase a single share? Can I purchase a share in all three seasons?
A: Yes and yes! Collectors can purchase one or more shares in the season(s) of their choice, or choose to purchase a share in all three seasons.

Q:  Can I make payments on my share?
A: Yes you can!  Our payment plan is a deposit and then a final payment.  Both payments are $212.50 + tax and can be made by contacting us at [email protected].  The final payment must be made before a shareholder can receive the artwork.  If a shareholder is local and unable to attend their season’s pick-up event then CSA will make arrangements to meet with him/her for delivery of artwork. Shareholders residing outside of the Charleston area must purchase shipping separately.

Q: When is the deadline for purchasing shares?
A: There is no purchase deadline. We will continue to offer shares until the limited quantity have been sold.

Q: Will I be able to contact the artists whose work is included in my share?
A: Of course! The mission of Charleston Supported Art is to connect artists and collectors. One major benefit for artists participating in CSA is the potential for networking and future art sales, so we would love for our shareholders to be in contact with and develop relationships with the artists.

Artists participating in all three seasons for 2015 will be in attendance at a Meet & Greet events at Redux Contemporary Art Center on February 19 and Lowcountry Local First LocalWorks on June 18. These FREE events are a great opportunity for the public to get to know the artists and their work, as well as purchase shares. Shareholders will have an additional opportunity to interact with the artists included in their share at each season’s exclusive pick-up event. The artists’ contact information will be included with each share package. In return, CSA will provide the artists with shareholders’ contact information (with permission).

Q: Can I choose the contents/artists of my share?
A: No. Shareholders have the option of selecting their preferred season, but cannot pick and choose specific artists to include in their share.

CSA artists have been carefully selected and the works offered in each share have been painstakingly assembled to represent a range of style, media and subject matter. Each season’s offerings promise to show the quality, diversity and innovation of the contemporary art in Charleston that CSA strives to promote.

Q: When will I find out what the artwork in my share looks like? Will the work I receive look like the work shown on the CSA website?
A: Part of the fun is the mystery! Much like Community Supported Agriculture where you purchase a farm share and don’t know exactly what is going to come in your produce box until you receive it, the contents of CSA shares will be a surprise to shareholders until their exclusive share pick-up event.

The images of each artists’ work shown on the CSA website represent the style and quality of their work, but do not necessarily depict the work they’ve produced for their seasonal share.

Q: Are CSA artists creating new work for their season? Is the work exclusive?
A: Yes. Each artist is producing work specifically for and exclusive to Charleston Supported Art. The artwork being offered through CSA is not available anywhere else.

Q: Will I receive one-of-a-kind works of art or will everything in my share be editioned?
A: Each share offers a mix of original, one-of-a-kind pieces as well as editioned work. Keep in mind that because the work each artist is creating is exclusive to CSA, the editioned pieces are part of a VERY limited edition. Each piece will be signed and numbered by the artist.

Q: Will the pieces in my share be similar in size?
A: Sizes of the four pieces in each share will vary as the season’s artists are creating 2-D and/or 3-D works in a variety of media.

Each individual CSA artist will be producing works identical in size for their seasonal shares. This means that each share in a season is equal. For example, there is no chance that a Fall season shareholder will receive a large piece by artist X, while another ends up with a much smaller piece from the same artist. Each Fall shareholder will receive a work from artist X that is the same size.

Artists were not given size restrictions or specifications for creating their pieces for CSA; however, it is important to note that each artist receives a stipend of $1500 from CSA to use as they wish and may be working within those monetary parameters for the creation of their pieces.

Q: Will the works in my share be ready for display?
A: Not necessarily. CSA artists are NOT required to submit their works framed, matted, wired, or with any special display means, but some may choose to do so. Each individual piece in a share will be securely packed to ensure safe delivery to the shareholder and each share will be presented to each shareholder in a unique, manageable package.

Q: What if I get something I don’t like in my share?
A: The Charleston Supported Art co-founders have made every effort to assure quality artwork. Local emerging and established artists creating work in a variety of media were carefully selected through two jurying processes. There may be times when you aren’t that fond of a work. Please remember that the concept of CSA is to support local artists and your creative community. By the end the year, shareholders will be exposed to a variety of contemporary art in Charleston, discover new artists, and will walk away with a diverse selection of artwork. Also, any artworks not to your taste make wonderful gifts.

Q: Can I give a share as a gift?
A: Yes. You can purchase a share, retrieve it at the season’s exclusive pick-up event, then give the share package as a gift, or CSA can provide you with a gift certificate for the lucky recipient, which will provide instructions on how to redeem their gifted share.

Q: Can collectors split shares?
A: Why not? There is an even number of artwork in each share (four), which makes it easy to split. But, don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to decide who gets what piece!

Q: How/when do I receive my share?
A: Shareholders can retrieve their share packages at their season’s exclusive pick-up event. These events are open to shareholders and their guests. The season’s artists will be in attendance and refreshments will be provided. All shareholders will be notified of the date/time/location of their season’s pick-up event after purchasing their share.

If you are local, but unable to attend your season’s pick-up event, CSA will coordinate a way for you to receive your share package following the event.

Q: What if I don’t live in Charleston and want to buy a share?
A: We will gladly ship share packages to shareholders living outside of the Charleston area. A $75 shipping fee applies. Shipping must be purchased at the time of the seasonal share purchase.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Shares can be purchased online using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. Cash, check, or credit will be accepted at the Meet & Greet events at Redux Contemporary Art Center on February 21 and Lowcountry Local First LocalWorks on June 18. If you would like to purchase a share using cash or check outside of the Meet & Greet events, please email [email protected].

Q: What is your return policy?
A: All sales are final. Due to the limited quantity of shares, we are unable to process exchanges or refunds.

Q: Is there any way I can be more involved?
A: Yes! CSA welcomes volunteers to help with promotion and events. In addition, we are always interested in partnering with new supporters. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or supporter, please email [email protected].