Co-founder Camela Guevara asked Summer share artist James Wine a few questions about his artistic practice, and then some just about life in general. Read on to learn what he listens to in his studio, which body parts inspire his work, and more!

CG: What creative goals do you have on the horizon?

JW: I have absolutely no idea. I’m just going to keep making art.

CG: Where is the strangest place you’ve found inspiration for your geometric works?

JW: I used to draw a lot of inspiration from the human body, specifically orifices. I probably shouldn’t go into detail about that.

CG: Do you have any interests completely unrelated to art that you would pursue in another life?

JW: I wouldn’t say anything is completely unrelated to art, but if I wasn’t spending all of my time doing that, I would want to become a carpenter. There’s just something magical about the smell of fresh cut wood, and having to be right the first time you cut something.

CG: What is your favorite meal?

JW: Just get me a jazzy pizza from Dellz anytime.

CG: How does your job at Artist & Craftsmen influence your work?

JW: Artist & Craftsman Supply has made me so much more knowledgeable about the materials that I’m using. I used to just stick with what I know, but now I want to try everything. I haven’t quite gotten to that mystical ‘everything’ yet, but I’m working my way there.

CG: Why did you want to be a part of Charleston Supported Art?

JW: I wanted to be a part of CSA because it’s cool! There isn’t a whole lot of variety here in Charleston when it comes to how artwork is seen and sold. So, this program was definitely a nice breath of fresh air. Plus who doesn’t want to work side by side with a bunch of incredibly talented people who are doing what you’re doing?

CG: If you could travel anywhere to see an art exhibition this summer, where would you go, and what show would you see?

JW: I’m not picky, I just want to go somewhere colder and see some Lucian Freud paintings.

CG: What’s a typical day in your studio like?

JW: It starts with a cleansing. I can’t begin my studio day unless everything is cleaned up to a satisfactory point. Afterwards I decide, is this a Netflix day or a music day? After 2 more hours of procrastinating, I’ll get to work. The process usually involves lots of sweet talking, or cursing, depending on how the piece is progressing.

CG: How do you handle a rut in a creative project? 

JW: I try something new. I always have different projects and materials lying around, so I jump into something else.

CG: What do you normally listen to in your studio?

JW: The sounds of Buffy kicking some butt, or of Dana Scully calling out Fox for being a weirdo. Other than that I’ve been listening to a lot of Eagulls, Parquet Courts, and Tame Impala.

Artist James Matthew Wine at the 2015 Meet + Greet.


James Wine is one of the 2015 Summer season artists.