This body of work focuses on the dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious. My entire life I have dreamt intensely, so much so that sometimes it is difficult for me to discern between real memories and dream memories. Using dematerialized bodies paired with discernible faces, I reflect the strangeness of memories not understood or explained. I balance the duality of the imagery using simple elements of color, composition, and space.


Chambers Austelle is an artist and educator born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. She received her BA in Studio Arts from the College of Charleston. Her work has been exhibited nationally. Recently, she participated in Piccolo Spoleto’s 2014 Juried Exhibition at the City Gallery and was the recipient of the President’s Choice Award for Photography from the College of Charleston in 2011. She currently teaches at Redux Contemporary Art Center.

Austelle works from her home studio as a photographer and painter. Her work is surreal in concept, influenced by her interest in Biology and Psychology. She employs fundamental elements and principles of design to explore the complexity of human perception.

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