Jordan is a South Carolina native from Rock Hill. He currently resides in Charleston and is finishing is last year at the College of Charleston with a double major in Studio Art and Computing in the Arts. Jordan is also emplyoed at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art as a preparator’s assistant.

Artist Statement

My work is a sculptural exploration of abstract form with steel. Mainly composed of geometric and planer elements that revolve and intersect, my sculpture sometimes resembles architecture or figurative poses. I’m heavily influenced by naturally occurring geometry on both micro and macro scales. When exploring form, I like to apply laws that mimic those found in nature in order to provide a framework for interesting direction. Influences for my work range from sculptors of the Constructivist era to the experimental architecture of artists like Lebbeus Woods.

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Nina Garner
Lisa Shimko
Alex Waggoner

DISCLAIMER: The images of artist’s work shown here represent the style and quality of his work, but do not necessarily depict the works he produces for his seasonal share.