Fall 2015 shares delivered November 5

PICKUP_INVITEWe’re preparing to reveal our third and final round of artwork for 2015! The spring and summer share pick-up events were held earlier this year at The Faculty Lounge and Mixson Bath & Racquet Club, respectively. The next pick-up event, dedicated to the fall season, takes place on Thursday, November 5, from 5:30-7:30pm at Blue Ion, located at 301B King Street in Downtown Charleston. Shares may be purchased on site or ahead of the event here.

CSA_pickup2  CSA__pickup1
Images from the Summer 2015 pick-up event by Paige Schaberg

The fall season features works by Jordan Fowler, Nina Garner, Lisa Shimko, and Alex Waggoner. The four artists will be present at the November 5 pick-up event and will speak briefly about the 32 pieces of original artwork they each created specifically for and exclusive to Charleston Supported Art beginning at 6:30pm. The pick-up event, open to the public, will be the first time these works will be revealed. The pieces, which include metal sculpture, 3-D mixed media, and paintings will not be available for purchase anywhere else.


Shares for all three seasons will be available to purchase and carry home at the fall pick-up event. Payment plans are available.


We begin our Fall blog series with Jordan Fowler. Jordan is a sculptor inspired by the universe, ancient Greek sculptures, and everyday movement.


I am greatly inspired by the cosmic forces that govern our universe; my sculptures are an illustration of these forces at work. I often incorporate revolving lines and curves around a central negative space; this is an ode to my fascination with the mysteries of black holes. I also like to imagine the effects of gravity on the geometry of the piece and its competition with the gravity of space it exhibits and the surface on which it stands.

A black hole is a geometrically defined region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—including particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it.

I like to imagine a black hole resting in the center of my pieces, as an unseen negative space that greatly shapes the surrounding geometry.  The paths of revolving lines that I bend around this space is often reminiscent of the orbital mechanics of planets and other celestial bodies.


My pieces often resemble a figure or a dynamic pose; this is often a starting point in my designs. As an undergraduate, I initially found a lot of inspiration in the marble structures of ancient Greece and the Renaissance.

(Left) The Discobolus of Myron, a Greek sculpture that was completed towards the end of the Severe period, circa 460-450 BC. (Right) Sketch, Jordan Fowler

Stripping away the figure and focusing on the pose leaves behind a beautiful network of abstract lines and arcs. Since then I have extended my search for poses to everyday life, and I often find them in non-human objects that seem posed and figural.

Embracer, Jordan Fowler

Sketch for Microscope. Jordan Fowler


The monolithic forms and stacked structures of ancient civilizations have always fascinated me; especially in their aged and dilapidated form. I’m greatly influenced by the way in which some of these forms have survived. Some of my work has been an exploration of the partially stacked components of ancient megalithic architecture.

(Left) Machu Picchu, Peru. (Right) Black Totem, Jordan Fowler

I am equally fascinated by movements in modern architecture that have been influenced by the balance, and crude monumental poses of ancient work. Specifically the constructivist era, brutalism, and futurism have been very influential on both my form and material choices.  One of my favorite artists, Lebbeus Woods, is an  experimental architect who I am especially drawn to. His work imagines a future in which complexity, chaos, and scale overflows the boundaries of current architecture.

(Left) Lebbeus Woods, Inhabiting the Quake

Jordan Fowler is one of the 2015 Fall share artists.





Summer Season Unveiled!


Thank you to all who came and supported the summer season artists yesterday evening. You can now purchase spring and summer seasonal shares to receive as soon as today!

View a sampling of the works created by the CSA summer artists:

Arianne King Comer

Lune Mer Porcelain

Riki Matsuda

James Wine

Up next, the fall season artists (Jordan Fowler, Nina Garner, Lisa Shimko, and Alex Waggoner) will be featured on our blog followed by the pick-up event on November 5, 2015 at Blue Ion in Downtown Charleston.

To become a CSA Shareholder, purchase a season of your choice today! Payment plans for each season are available ($200 deposit to reserve a share, final payment of $225 to pick-up a share).